Woman Who Claims She Was Raped By A Pig Says She Is Pregnant With Hybrid

Angie Houston is a pig farm owner and miniature golf enthusiast from Texas who claims that she was raped by one of her pigs after coming home from an evening playing miniature golf with her friends.

Angie is now 7 months pregnant with her baby that could possibly be half Human and half Pig after being raped and promising her parents that she has never willingly had sex with anyone due to her religious beliefs. This is almost as bad as the Woman who had sex with a Walrus!
Pete, her largest boar weighing a staggering 400lb pounced on her as she was walking up the farm yard to the house. She alleges that the pig turned, grunted and charged right towards her and knocked her to the ground with his head. He then proceeded to brutally rape her in the mud.

When Angie was talking to about her attack to the Dallas Morning News she said:

“People think I’m crazy and need mental help because of my story.

“They ask how’d the pig get my panties off to mount me? 

Well to be honest I wasn’t wearing any panties that day and this pig has been hot for me for many years.

He constantly sniffs at my genitals when I am tending to his food or bedding.

He tried to rape me a number of times over the past 2 years, but this is the first time I wasnt able to get away.

Her parents say that they believe and back up her story as their religion forbids sex before marriage. Her father, Don,  said to the Dallas Morning News: “Angie knows she can’t have sex until she’s married and she promises she hasnt

Pete has always been a bad tempered little sod and very difficult to handle most of the time, especially when he is being sexual towards my daughter. I am not surprised that this rape has happened, I am surprised it took so long if Im honest.

After this incident, I sent Pete off to the slaughter house for sausages and bacon which is helping to feed Angela and her baby; after all, she’s eating for two now and needs a lot of extra meat.


The picture above is a prediction of what Angelas baby will look like which she referred to as a mutant pig:

“I just want to wait and be surprised by what my baby looks like,” Angie said. “My hope is that it’s not a mutant pig of some kind and it just comes out looking like a normal human baby

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