Linda Berrety Receives Apology After Being Expelled From KFC For Breastfeeding Last Year

Last year, now 77-year-old Linda Berrety, was expelled from KFC for breastfeeding her 42 year old son in the public restaurant.

The episode in sparked off controversy all over the social networks, especially Facebook with many people reacting with a huge debate that went viral.

Linda has now received an apology from KFC after hundreds of complaints were sent from customers who believe she should be able to breastfeed her son if she wants; while others expressed their utter disgust.

A spokesperson at KFC, Jocelyn Binoy, has reacted promptly by apologising to Linda Berrety and her son and promised that they will reverse the decision of being banned from the restaurant.

According to legal experts, it turns out that if this case was taken to court, a 76 year old woman would have a very high chance of winning the case. Since 1976, the United States Bill of Rights prevents all discrimination against women breastfeeding in public and many merchants have since been condemned to pay important fines to women who were asked to stop breastfeeding or asked to leave for doing so.

The spokesperson from KFC has also issued an apology to the general public for causing the outrage that spread extremely quickly. KFC now guarantee there will be no prejudice in their restaurant.

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